Evan Cesanek

A photo of Evan smiling

Computational Cognitive Scientist

Senior Scientist at Exponent

As a Data Sciences consultant, I help Exponent’s clients solve complex problems related to data acquisition, cleaning, organization, analysis, and insight. I specialize in custom data acquisition using advanced sensors, management of large-scale human subjects studies, and software development to help business-oriented users access and understand their data assets.

Previously Wolpert Lab

My academic research investigated human sensorimotor function, often focusing on how humans learn to skillfully interact with objects. Not only is object manipulation essential in our daily lives, it’s also an excellent model behavior for cognitive neuroscience because it naturally recruits many different cognitive processes. Just scratching the surface, we can see the involvement of perception, learning & memory, reasoning, and social cognition.

I look for innovative ways to apply interactive technology and advanced sensors to the study of human behavior. For example, my research combines virtual/augmented reality, motion capture, and haptic interfaces to create real and virtual object interactions in experimental tasks designed to address questions in psychology and neuroscience. I also follow the latest trends in data pipelines, machine learning, cloud computing, full-stack web development, UX research, and more. In the classroom, I’ve seen how incorporating these technologies in demos and projects can motivate students from all backgrounds to learn and practice science.

I’m also the creator of the open-source Ouvrai package. Ouvrai helps researchers conduct online unmoderated VR studies and other complex behavioral research requiring a high degree of interactivity from remote participants.